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Mieliefera and Kaoxue, join forces to obtain a unique product for a, particularly sweet moment. Our chocolates filled with honey with different flavors are a sample of the great teamwork. Our product transforms the way of consuming chocolates with social, environmental, and preservation sense for endangered animals, providing a consumer experience that includes germinable packaging. Help the bees from your home, make the change, sweeten your days by sowing life. BonBonBee was born from the union of two Colombian entrepreneurs Stefany and Alejandro, who recognized the potential of two emblematic products of our culture and our land such as chocolate and honey, created the perfect chocolates. BonBonBee, was born with the purpose of creating ecological and environmental awareness, promoting knowledge as a method to create a link between our conscious consumers and the preservation of bees, working with society in post-conflict areas and with women heads of households.

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