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Our Bonbonbee chocolates are made with 60%, 70%, and 85% Tumaco cocoa chocolates.

Bonbonbee Organic Handmade Chocolate contains

  • 2 Cocoa, Pepper, and Honey Bonbons with 70% cocoa infused with red pepper, filled with honey and chocolate.
  • 2 crunchy 70% cocoa honey bonbons filled with crunchy almonds, honey, and chocolate.
  • 2 Honey Explosion chocolates with 85% cocoa filled with crystallized honey.
  • 1 Oriental Style Cocoa and Honey Bonbon 70% cocoa stuffed with honey with hints of lemon and wasabie.

Chocolate base

Two (2) hexagonal bases similar to a hive cell handcrafted with 60% cocoa chocolate infused with mint.

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Organic Handmade Chocolates filled with Polyfloral Honey

There are stories that are made to leave a mark and will be remembered for a lifetime, and BonBonBee is one of them.

BonBonBee was born from the union of two Colombian companies, Kaoxue Chocolates and Mielifera, who recognized the potential of two emblematic products of our culture and our lands such as Chocolate and Honey, decided to merge them and create magic. Bonbonbee Organic Handmade Chocolate filled with polyfloral honey is a magic that takes you on a journey of unprecedented gastronomic discovery, where you will find a product made with high-quality materials and elaborated in an artisanal way, the respect for the Chocolate and the Honey is our main objective, that’s why when you taste BonBonBee our magic transports you to our history, to our culture. BonBonBee is Colombia, so YOU as a customer, will feel the flavor of our land, represented in every bite.

With BonBonBee, we understand the responsibility we have as companies, a responsibility that flows in the environmental, social, and circular economy work, so you will find the possibility to continue sowing future, commitment, stories, and magic, lots of magic. In each of our boxes of Organic Handmade Chocolate, you will find seeds for YOU to sow and contribute to your surroundings and the environment. Therefore, we invite you to take this journey through our history, our magic.

You may wonder what motivates us? Our motivation comes from being able to present part of the Colombian diversity in a product. BonBonBee is a unique and exquisite product, made with the highest quality ingredients that represent part of our culture, bringing together the best of Colombian cocoa and honey, in a magnificent presentation and designed to generate a sensory experience around chocolate and honey. We are motivated by our social responsibility, focused on prioritizing, and improving the quality of life of cocoa producers in the municipality of Tumaco in the department of Nariño. We want you to taste the magic that we create and be part of the solution.

Therefore, we want to transport you to the beginning of our trip, please Breathe and, for a moment close your eyes, imagine that you hear the sea and behind you there is a huge hot and humid jungle, you are in Tumaco, in the cocoa farms located on the Colombian Pacific coast. From there, our ally buys cocoa at a fair price from communities struggling to escape violence and move away from illicit crops. This cocoa is transformed into real chocolate, containing cocoa mass, cocoa butter, sugar, and lecithin, which allows us to savor the citrus, woody, nutty and caramel or honey notes, flavors that seek to combat inequality, poverty, illicit crops, and war.

At the same time that in Tumaco the cocoa collectors work in the crops, in the Meta region, an area with a very different climate, our bees work hard from flower to flower, from tree to tree, collecting the nectar that will eventually be transformed into honey.

So, we will board our plane and travel imaginary 450 miles into the interior of Colombia, in the town of Puerto Lopez (Meta). The constant high temperatures are present throughout the year; but here there is no longer the sound of the beach, there are no seas, its heat is dry, and the botany of the area is totally changed, and this allows the taste of honey to be unique, different and perfect to combine with the cocoa of Tumaco.

This honey has woody, acidic notes and is not very cloying, its color is very dark, but its flavor makes an excellent balance.

This is how we unite – fuse – the best of Colombia in perfect proportions and BonBonBee begins to take shape of our Organic Handmade Chocolate, a honeycomb shape characteristic of bees and symbolizing teamwork, dedication, discipline, organization and the wealth of our cocoa farmers and beekeepers.

Continuando con nuestro viaje, ahora tomaremos otro vuelo y nos trasladaremos 110 millas al centro del país hasta Bogotá, la capital de Colombia. Allí todo es diferente de lo que habíamos imaginado hasta ahora, cambió el clima, bajó la temperatura, aumentó la cantidad de gente, cambió la biodiversidad, salimos del campo y estamos en la ciudad. Nuestro avión subió 2.600 metros sobre el nivel del mar y ahora estamos más cerca de las estrellas, el frío persiste, pero la ciudad es grande, y esto pasa casi desapercibido. En una ciudad de casi 7 millones de habitantes, tenemos la suerte de contar con la ayuda de madres que inician la transformación de nuestros productos. Con ellos, el cacao y la miel comienzan el mágico proceso de transformación, creando sabores que solo puedes encontrar en BonBonBee, chocolates con 85% y 70% de cacao de Tumaco y miel de Puerto López,

Cacao pimienta y miel (2 und)
Almendra crujiente (2 und),
Explosión de miel y cacao (2 und),
Miel estilo oriental (1 und).

Todo esto irá acompañado de 2 bases hexagonales como las celdas del panal, hechas a mano con chocolate al 60% cacao infundido con menta, una planta aromática que le da un sabor ligeramente delicioso.

After the transformation of our products and their fusion we have the result of a unique, particular mixture, and just as we have traveled through different areas of the country, with different climates, listening to stories, adding people, helping communities, now we must have environmental responsibility, we achieve this because all our packaging is made with biodegradable materials, which in their manufacturing processes spend less water and use almost 0% of plastics and polyurethanes that do so much damage to our ecosystem.

In addition to this, all the papers used in our packaging do not use bleach for their fibers and are made with “bagazo de caña” a Colombian product, the inks of our packaging are ecological in vegetable bases and do not include pollutants, thus helping the environment wherever BonBonBee arrives.

Once delicious Organic Handmade Chocolate product is packaged and as part of our commitment to the bees that live close to you, our customers, BONBONBEE has one more purpose, there is one more goal we want to achieve together with you. Inside the packaging is a partial solution to the problem of bees worldwide affected by agrochemicals and the lack of food for pollinators in the cities, BONBONBEE include a germinating paper that will allow you to create a feast for the bees nearby and you can also create your own home garden. We made a product made by humans, for humans, but always thinking about the bees. And here we tell you about the last of our commitments, our ecological commitment.

The germinal papers are divided into two groups. The “home garden” group: composed of tomato (red) and cape gooseberry (blue) are two species that contribute to food security. The tomato is perfect for cooking and the cape gooseberry is a delicious fruit with excellent nutritional properties.

The group “food for pollinators” are three different species chamomile (yellow), peppermint (green), basil (white) that once you grow these seeds your plants will grow and flourish to feed not only the bees of the city, but also other pollinating animals such as butterflies, hummingbirds, and insects in general. Save life from the comfort of your home.

But we cannot do all this exercise without having a work of circular economy we have to give back to the planet all the wear and tear it suffered with the pollution of our displacements, production, distribution, etc. It consists of ensuring that our business activities do not create a negative balance in our environment, we constantly perform carbon footprint calculations to control the degree of pollution and take corrective measures to prevent wear on the environment. And to mitigate it, we plant trees where our bees are, to do our bit and try to stop, even a little, this polluting madness that we call daily life.

Thus we come to the end of our journey, but we cannot leave without saying that bees do much for humanity, they are considered the most important species on the planet according to the EARTHWATCH institute, it is our responsibility to care for and preserve this species, it is time to give back and support them from the comfort of our homes, support the farming families who cultivated cocoa, support beekeepers, support all actors of our circular economy that give rise to social and environmental responsibility and fair payment to producers. You can be part of the story…


Nutritional BONBONBEE:

Bonbonbee Organic Handmade Chocolate with Polyfloral Honey is a product with incredible nutritional components. These are due to the honey that our products contain. Bonbonbee has a better vitamin D content, a better amount of dietary fiber, and a high potassium content compared to other chocolates.

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Weight 143 g
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 1 in
Nutritional facts - Vitamin D content


Nutritional facts - Potassium content

418mg – 10%

Nutritional facts - Dietary fiber

15g – 60%

Bonbonbee supports life.

Our consumers will taste the perfect blend of flavors while still supporting nature. Honey consumption improves the number of beehives in our country, encouraging local producers to increase the number of bee colonies.


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